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What a weekend: Avenger’s Birthday & Found Our New Home

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Due to my husband’s job, we are moving North of Seattle..about 100 miles from where we live now and after weeks of searching, we found our place and secured it…….

And after a bit of planning and some Pinterest ideas, my son had his 5th Birthday party yesterday! Boy am I wiped!!

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9 thoughts on “What a weekend: Avenger’s Birthday & Found Our New Home”

  1. Oh my gosh stop! That house is so cute! I'm in love with the architecture of the kitchen, and I love how open it is! Congratulations on the house, and happy birthday to the little man!

  2. Fabulous, yea for the whole family!! Congratulations are in order!! What a beautiful home, and the party looked to be a big success. Thank you for sharing your success with us & i wish you the best!! Enjoy your family & your new home…

  3. First of all, congrats on your new home!! Second the Avengers birthday looks amazing!! I want to eventually do one of these for my youngest who is now only 9 1/2 months old. His dad is in love with super heroes!!

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