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WestBend Popcorn on Demand

This is a promotional post. I was sent samples for my honest opinion

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With food being made and sold based on convenience we tend to reach for these varieties without much thought to the difference in health and effects it may have if we take the time to make a food the correct way without added fats and sugars. Popcorn is one of those foods. There are shelves of microwave varieties and if you really want to load on the calories, then you can choose flavors like cheddar or movie theater butter. Or you can get a quality popper like the Popcorn on Demand Popper from WestBend and save yourself a lot less sodium and about 40 calories per serving.
With this popcorn popper that is exclusively available at Williams-Sonoma you get to control your portions. If you want a single serving you would push the lever down once. If you need a party size serving you would pull down a few times. Each pull on the lever open a door inside from the kernels you store and deposits a controlled amount into the popper. No refilling every use. The popper is always ready to go keeping the kernels fresh between uses.
When it comes to appliances it is every cooks dream to own ones that can clean themselves and this popper does just that! When you flip the switch to clean, it gathers up all of the debris in the air popper and brings it down so that all you have to do is pull out the thin tray from the botton of the unit and empty it.
This makes a great, healthy gift for any family! Learn more at Westbend.com. Follow on Facebook & Twitter!
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