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Wellness Wednesday:Kids, Sports & Food: How to prepare for games!

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Enter Spring! If you have Baseball kids like I do, then you have run your errands for the cleats, pants, cups, gloves, etc.. to make sure your child has all the gear they need for this seasons games and practices. Registration is paid, medical forms are turned in, the schedule is on your fridge (or in your phone) and you spend every week looking at the schedule and figuring out how to juggle work and rides to practice and realize you only have 1 weekend day instead of 2 because Saturdays just got devoted to games.

Last-you have stocked your pantry and fridge with the correct foods! Right? No? Well, if you need a few tips, here are some that may help.

Kids & Sports Nutrition-our son Catcher 2013

Before Gametime/Practice
  • Eat a high Carb/High Protien w/ Low Fat & Fiber Meal 2-3 hours prior! Their bodies need at least 2 hours for digestion to turn that food into energy.
  • Examples of excellent meals: Spaghetti w/ grilled chicken and Marinara, a hearty Beef & Vegetable soup & bread, Baked Potato & fruit.
  • Start Drinking water- BEFORE the thirst sets in for best hydration
During Gametime/Long Practices
  • Have a snack for midway such as cheese, nuts, dried fruit and for very long game days-a sandwich 
  • Water and every 20 minutes minimum is best
  • Avoid any sugars such as some sports bars and sports drinks
After Gametime/Practice
  • Consume some cards within 15 minutes post exercise-their muscles will thank them!
  • Within 2 hours post exercise eat a meal consisting of additional 50-100mg of Carbs 
  • Good post game meals/snack: cereal (well, the right ones anyhow), Soup, Baked Potato, steak or chicken salad, Rice & chicken
  • Keep drinking the water
Remember-ALWAYS talk to your child’s pediatrician if they want to diet or weight loss train while playing sports. The wrong diet w/ high activity levels can cause their little bodies to prevent them from having optimal performance and nutrition.
An athlete gains the best nutrition from the entire weeks meals combined. So even on non-game days, making sure they eat the right Carbs, Proteins as well as plenty of Calcium (to keep those bones strong under stress) and Iron (for best endurance)
Girls & puberty-on their periods lose  a bit of Iron, so if you have a female athlete and you know her cycle-make sure she consumes enough Iron daily in her diet!

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15 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday:Kids, Sports & Food: How to prepare for games!”

  1. This is really a great post with good tips for all ages. My sons played sports from a very early age right through college and diet certainly played a very important role in staying healthy and performing to the standards that they set for themselves.

  2. Great tips and pictures and I will bookmark this as my son will be playing for the first time this year. If you have time stop by and link up at my WW linky

  3. Thank you for sharing! This is really important because my boys like to snack on the junk inside of the house before practice and a game. I always have to remind them to eat healthy or they will sugar crash!

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