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Wellness Wednesday: Why & When Can My Child…..

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I started thinking back about my son who will be 5 next month and the odd questions I would have that I never knew to ask until in the moment. I remember doing online research on some topics, asking Doctors and friends and so here are a few of those I remember having to seek out answers to….

1) At what age can I allow my child to have gum?
    It is recommended that they are at least 4. Not only does chewing a solid and not swallowing it go against
    all we teach them as toddlers when learning to eat solids, gum is a choking hazard. They need to be old
    enough to understand the concept. A friend told me that she was told to offer the stick gum-it is softer and
    less of a choking hazard then gumballs or chicklette sized pieces.

2) At what age will my Baby truly know his name?
    The average age is about 5 months old. Often use your child’s name when speaking at or to them to help
     them make that connection.

3) When can I give my toddler a pillow?
    Really…children do not even need a pillow for posture reasons, but we know it is simply more
    comfortable. I give my son a very flat pillow..almost not worthy of calling it one, but I was afraid of
    suffocation even now as deep as he sleeps at almost 5. It is recommended you do not introduce a pillow
    before 2 and not until they move from the crib. Give small, firm pillows. The feather ones have allergens
    and a child’s head can sink into the pillow as they sleep and they can suffocate.

4) When should I expect the first baby tooth to fall out?
    A toddler can lose the first of their 20 baby teeth by as early as age 4 and as late as age 7-8. The average
    age is 5-6 years old. My dentist says they will typically lose the teeth in the order they came in. That being
    bottom center then top center and outward. If a child loses a tooth too soon (before the permanent one is
    growing) they can have spacers put in till the structure of the permanent tooth is there. This would be in
    those cases of infant/toddler dental disease or an injury that would cause a tooth to come out before the
    age of 4 or 5.

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6 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday: Why & When Can My Child…..”

  1. My oldest is almost 5 and has been very interested in gum…thankfully he doesn't like the gum I buy so he spits it out instantly!! I think my boys were 2 when they got a pillow (my oldest stole mine and I didn't have the heart to take it from under his sleeping head!)

    All great tips!! 🙂

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