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Wellness Wednesday: The Benefits of Honey

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Honey is my go to sweet treat and it is all natural and can improve the flavor of just about any food. Are you aware of the true benefits of this natural sweetener?

Have you ever noticed that it is a common ingredient in most cough drops and suppressants? That is because it has been proven, according to the Mayo clinic, that it has worked better than the OTC dextromethorphan in controlling coughs especially overnight!

There is a honey known as Monuka Honey, native to New Zealand that was approved by the FDA to be used as a wound care for cuts and skin ulcers. It enhances the wounds immune activity.

Honey also contains Flavanoids & Antioxidants that aid in preventing some cancers and heart diseases

Honey also aids athletes in a better workout revovery, acts as an antibactrial as well as a probiotic.

It is very important to remember that there are high risks of honey consumption for diabetics as well as rhe risk of infantile botulism if given to an infant under 12 months old!

There is no disclosure as this is a Wellness post as with the knowledge and research of my own on a topic of my choosing.

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7 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday: The Benefits of Honey”

  1. When using honey for the many health benefits it is important to use raw unpasteurized honey. if your using it to help allergies make sure its local.

  2. Love honey! I lived in New Zealand for 8 years and you are correct – Manuka Honey was used in so much including skincare products and throat and cold lozenges.

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