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Wellness Wednesday: The Benefits of Calamari Products as a Supplement

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3SonsHaveI was sent the following products for review. All opinions are 100% my own. A special thank you to Calamari Ink Products for allowing me to feature this great product for my readers.

Health Benefits of Squid Ink

You take supplements that contain antioxidants, eat super fruits and stomach blueberries for optimal immune support. Have you considered the benefits of squid? Probably not as it has not been used in a supplement like this before now. What are the benefits of squid? The squid ink is used as a survival mode for squids and this ink happens to contain melanin and tyrosinase. These enzymes offer optimal immune support. Years of research and science has finally offered a way to get these powerful enzymes into a supplement for various supports. I was recently sent the Calaburner and Calagenesis for review. I have been taking the Calaburner every morning with breakfast for 2 weeks now and I am satisfied. My husband takes the Calagenesis and he is just as satisfied. No upset stomachs-easily digestible. So far so good and I am satisfied with the safety in the ingredients and doses. The Calaburner leaves me feeling less full and I have not felt that mid-day drain since taking this supplement. 

Calagenesis for Immunity
Contains Squid Ink, Non-allergenic Crushed Shellfish, Green Tea Extract & Ganoderma Powder
  • Maintains a healthy immune system & cell growth
  • Maintains breast & colon health
  • Supports bones, joint & muscle health
  • Supports cholesterol & blood pressure health
  • Supports memory & concentration
  • Maintains energy level, cardiovascular health & cartilage liquidity
  • Maintains healthy skin & hair
  • Maintains healthy menstrual flow & anti-inflammatory response

Calaburner for Non-stimulant Weight Loss Support
Contains Kelp (brown seaweed), Raspberry Ketone Extract & Green Tea Extract
  • Naturally blocks fat absorption
  • Helps support fat loss and metabolism
  • Decreases appetite
  • Boosts energy levels
To learn more about these and other similar products offered, visit

Disclosure: I was provided the above products for review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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