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Wellness Wednesday: Suprising Foods To Avoid

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I recently read an article about some foids I thought were healthy and aren’t. I wanted to know why so I searched and here are a few common foods I found that may surprise you!

Rice Cakes
OMG…I know! Rice cakes are actually found to have a high GI (glycemic index) which means it raises your bloid sugars dramatically. Now we know that some foids with high GI levels contain good stuff like fiber and vitamins, but rice cakes do not offer us that!

Fat Free Dressing
WHOA NOW!! Fat free dressings lack the health benefits found in vinegar abd olive oil. When the fat (oils) are removed, taste is compensated with large amounts of corns syrup, sugar and other additives that are unnatural.

JUST KIDDING! Surprisingly, I learned that when you consume cheeses in moderation you are still ok with the fat and calorie limits and you highly benefit from the high Calcium nutrition. Not to mention some cancer-fighting qualities that cheese has been found to have.

PHEW!! If I were to be told I should never eat cheese again, I’d just curl up and die! Doesn’t that cheese and sausage package below look delicious? Did I mention I love cheese!
And the rice cakes don’t bother me. I’ve never truly enjoyed eating cardboard anyway unless it is caramel or chocolate flavored and then where is any nutritional value in that anyway?!

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3 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday: Suprising Foods To Avoid”

  1. I would die if I couldn't eat cheese too! I'm actually lactose intolerant but I eat it anyway and just suffer the consequences. Good thing I don't like rice cakes or fat free dressing.

  2. i totally agree with the fat free dressing. when they take out the fat….god only knows what they put back in! we love either olive oil and some good vinegar or just a plain old squeeze of fresh lemon. and no, i am unable to live without cheese! great info-thanks so much 🙂

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