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Wellness Wednesday: Salts with benefits at Gourmet Nut #Review

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Have you really given much thought to your ordinary table salt you use? Probably not. I never did until I was asked to review an assortment of Gourmet Nut Sea Salts and began reading about them. Did you know that sea salts have natural minerals that are beneficial to your health? Did you know that when it comes to gourmet salts that the salt you use depends on the meat or food you are preparing and how you are preparing it? I am not a novice cook so when I am cooking and need salt, I grab my standard salt shaker and add salt with no thought to its properties and temperature I am cooking at. I now only grab these salts. I love knowing how natural they are and added health benefits can’t hurt any dish. The bottles remind you what each product pairs best with so you are not left guessing.
I learned that when you grill meat, you can use a smoked salt. Gourmet Nut slow smokes a sea salt over alderwood to give it a smokey flavor. It is their Northwest Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt. Pink salts are a seal salt that is considered gourmet and found deep in the Himalayan mountains. Pink salts can be used on any meat preparation and makes for good presentation as well. How about a charcoal or clay salt? Yes! Charcoal sea salt adds many health benefits and clay salts seal in moisture while cooking making it a great choice when roasting meats. Now that you are a bit ‘salt’ educated, see what Gourmet Nut offers below in their line of Gourmet Sea Salts.
About Gourmet Nut Sea Salts
  • Himalayan Pink Salt: for cooking, grilling, roasting. Pairs with poultry, soups, fish, brines, stews
  • NW Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt: for cooking, grilling, roasting, finishing. Pairs with pasta, red meat, chicken, salmon, tomatoes
  • Sea Gris French Salt: for cooking, grilling, baking, presentation. Pairs with soups, sauces & breads
  • Alaea Hawaiian Salt: for cooking roasting, garnishing. Pairs with red meat, pork, potatoes
  • Hiwa Kai Hawaiian Sea Salt: for cooking, grilling, seasoning, roasting. Pairs with poultry, salads, seafoods
  • Sonoma Gourmet Sea Salt: for cooking, grilling, roasting, basting. Pairs with any foods!

To learn more and see other great products offered, visit
Disclaimer: I was provided the above products for review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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