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Wellness Wednesday: Popular Children Foods That Should Not Come Home From The Grocery Store!

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With so many ads and commercials meant to lure parents just as much as the kids, it is hard to really understand the truth between a claim on TV regarding a certain food and the label that reflects the actual makeup of that food. Whole grain is good…when you have the right balance of fiber with it. And a little sugar is OK unless you know what the package serving size is and realize your kids consume twice that in the size bowls you have them using. So because labels can be a tricky science, I am aware of foods that you probably put in your cart already that you ASSUME were healthy for your kids. This is not a sponsored post. I was not compensated in any way, but share with you products I choose as a purpose for this article

Sorry to spoil it for you…..

Orville Redenbacher’s Microwave Popcorn. OK-if you have not heard how bad microwave popcorn is yet, then let me enlighten you a bit. First of all, do you remember my GMO article about corn products? Read it and know this and many other brands are a GMO product. If that doesn’t stop you, then also note it contains Artficial flavors and colors (just plain, unnecessary chemicals) and preservatives (TBHQ). If you want Microwave popcorn, try Newman’s Own Organics popcorn.

Fudgicles! Oh no!!! Sorry, but it contains Polysorbate 80 which has been linked to cancer and nervous system toxicity as well as allergens. It also has corn syrup…not good for the blood sugar. Try Jala fudge bars or Breyers Pure Fruit Bars/Naturals Ice cream.

Fig Newtons. I am devastated! However, they contain many red flags according to Unjunk Your Junk Food. High Fructose Corn Syrup…bad, bad, bad! They also contain Sulfur Dioxide in the dried fruit portion are high in allergens and even harmful for asthmatics. The Sulfites also in these cookies are responsible for 1 of every 100 people’s food sensitivities. Reactions to sulfides can be life threatening. Try Barbara’s or other Natural Whole Wheat Fig Bars. Just beware of the ingredients above!

Barnum’s Animal Crackers. I know!!! They are just full of unnecessary chemicals: High Fructose Corn Syrup, Partially Hydrogenated oils and artificial flavors. Barbara’s Snackimals are a better choice.

Nutri-Grain Yogurt Bars. Lets list them all, shall we: High Fructose Corn Syrup, TBHQ (preservative), Artificial flavors, Partially hydrogenated oils and artificial colors. Unnecessary when you can give the same awesome taste buying Nature’s Path Organic Yogurt Bars.

Sun-Maid Vanilla Yogurt Raisins. Killing me now…again partially hydrogenated oils, Vanilin (avoid this in all “vanilla” labeled snacks) which is an artificial flavor made from wood pulp-not the real thing wouldn’t you say? It also contains Titanium Dioxide-sounds yummy, NOT! You may have seen this ingredient…in your SUNSCREEN! Yes-the carcinogen as labeled by the International Agency for Research on Cancer! Load up on those raisins why don’t you! Sun Ridge Farms offers a much better alternative brand of yogurt raisins.

Well there are a few spoilers for you. I will stop and spare you for now! I keep handy my Unjunk Your Junk Food Book just for this reason. This is not a review for this book, but I wanted to note where my information came from in  the research of this topic for my readers!

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13 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday: Popular Children Foods That Should Not Come Home From The Grocery Store!”

  1. My daughter is a stickler for watching what my G'son eats. She, like you, is very conscious about what she gives him to eat. I have to admit I'm the bad G'ma!! I have from time to time given him a snack or two that she does not approve of. I do respect her for wanting the best for her family. It is all about a healthy life style. Great post, thanks for the awareness.

  2. I knew about some of these. We always make our popcorn in a pan on the stove now. I have some catching up to do. Thanks for posting this.

  3. How sad at some of these items. The good news, I don't any of these items on a regular basis. I do have the Yogurt Nutri-Grain bards in the pantry now, but don't really like them. They seem a lot sweeter then the normal ones. Now I know why!!!

  4. Oh wow, I never buy anything on this list. I don't even really bother with the advertisements, thank goodness we have no tv. My kids are actually great about snacking always asking for a piece of fruit or some cheerios.

  5. We don't eat any of these. I generally avoid processed foods and make things from scratch. I think they're all okay to eat once in a while, but I definitely think it's better for my family to consume only whole foods on a regular basis.

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