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Wellness Wednesday: My Target Busy Family Project Quick Breakfast Idea

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Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op
Mornings are hectic and Target understands this. However, as chaotic and disorganized as you may feel the kids will judge mornings a bit differently. They may wine at the same old breakfast or like and dislike different foods making it hard for you to satisfy them all with one meal. Sometimes, you just throw up your arms and tell them to fend! That may save time and stress making breakfast, but not always on the clean up afterwards from multiple kids making multiple meals. How do you win? Find the foods most commonly liked by kids and put them together. One fun breakfast treat and many happy kids!
Whether you throw cereal in a bag and make an on the go trail mix or whip up some oatmeal and top it with some Nutella or Hoerner’s Big Slice Apples, your kids are sure to notice the change in their ordinary breakfast routine. If you are like me and have an age group of children that is wide-spread, it is impossible to sit down at the breakfast table to start the day off together. My husband is out the door long before my youngest wakes up. However, if you have the opportunity then Target wants to remind you that those few precious moments together at the breakfast table brings so many benefits to everyone in the family. It gives you the opportunity to remind each other of the days events, wish a quick good luck to your child for their test or game in the afternoon and teaches them that when things get hectic, sometimes you just have to STOP and take a moment!
My son has come to love this breakfast treat: Nature Valley Granola Bar w/ Nutella and Banana. It is filling and some mornings he can only get down 1 bar with his banana. I try to make any sweet consumptions happen earlier in the day so I know they will have that opportunity to run it off. Later in the day, the snacks will get healthier. That is how I always structure the food and I have very healthy children so it works for us anyhow!
Take a moment and visit See how Target can offer you some breakfast ideas.

Do you sit with the family and enjoy breakfast or is your morning split up like mine?

I was provided the above products. All opinions and meal ideas are my own.

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  1. Most mornings it's my Son and I eating at the same time them my daughter and Hubby eat on the fly–they both enjoy their sleep tooo much!! I did this challenge too and there are some great recipes for at the table or on the go!!

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