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Wellness Wednesday: Make healthy snack choices with Gourmet Nut snack mixes

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Gourmet Nut

What is your go-to healthy snack? Did you know that the best time to consume your protein is in the morning? Did you know that fruits are the most recommended afternoon snack to hold you until dinner? If you are trying to make healthier choices with the foods you eat, there is so much you need to know or you buy a bunch of so-called healthy foods, think you are eating right and get no results! Do you know how to read a food label? If not, I highly recommend finding an online source or ebook to guide you. You will never grocery shop the same way again! When it comes to snacks that suit my entire family, I have to keep in mind a 5 year old who will eat anything, a teen that loves sweets and a husband that avoids sugars. I avoid preservatives and lean towards all natural as often as I can but cannot afford to grocery shop x4 to suit all individual tastes! My go to health snack that suits everyone in my family are trail mixes! Better yet, a trail mix without candies and preservatives! Gourmet Nut has many choices in their line of snack mixes.

I was sent several varieties and my 5 year olds favorite is the Nature Mix because of the sweetness of the variety of fruits inside I imagine. My husband and teen son like the Soy Nut (my teen hates raisins and there are not as many in this mix) and I love the Energy Mix and Almond Cranberry Crunch! They are all delicious and my family managed to open every one and have been dabbling in them! I am in a 7 day cleanse at this moment and I am able to use these on the menu of snacks allowed. I take a handful every afternoon for snack. I even keep a bag in my car for on-the-go so I am not tempted to stop which may result in me breaking down for a sweet instead of a healthy choice.
About Gourmet Nut Snack Mixes
  • The mixes are all natural
  • They are free of preservatives, gluten and trans fats
  • 17 varieties from a bag of wasabi peas or a bag of dried Apricots to The Feel Good Mix or Party Mix
  • They come in 3 sizes from snack size to the bag at home in the cupboard
  • Resealable bags for fresh storage
  • Available on Amazon and at select Burlington Coat Factory stores, Homegoods, Marshalls, Ross & TJ Maxx
To learn more and see all the available varieties, visit

Disclosure: I was provided samples. All opinions are 100% my own.

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