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Wellness Wednesday: Healthy Home Made Juice Recipes & the Queezy Hand Juicer

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With the internet and social media there is so many tips and resources for how to lose weight, get fit, eat healthy, diet, medicate, etc. It can be overwhelming. With that comes new and expensive products like brewers and blenders and juicers that cost hundreds of dollars. In many cases these appliances works as effectively as traditional methods, but it’s all about time and convenience so we are forced to pay a high dollar and make room on our countertops for another appliance. Eating healthy is as simple as buying real food and creating combinations that taste great. Lean met, vegies, fruit, herbs, spices, nuts and healthy oils are the basics and if that was all you had in your cupboards and fridge you are well on your way to a healthy eating pattern.

KarmaKiss has many unique and inexpensive gifts and especially ones for the kitchen. I have the Queezy Juicer and immediately wondered how I would use this. There is no plug-no blades! I’d have to cut a fruit in half and get juice-then what? I lack the culinary gene, but really want it! What else to do, but put a shout out to all the great Bloggers I network with and ask for some recipes from them! You will find them at the end of this post!
About the Queezy Juicer
  • Elevated and slanted neck makes squeezing the juice easier
  • Comes packaged in a gift box
  • Gift wrap options available
Order your modern and sleek Queezy juice at
Here is your source to some Home Made Juices and foods you can make with your hand juicer like the Queezy Juicer I reviewed! Just click on each Image to be taken to the recipe & enjoy…..

Queezy Juicer from KarmaKiss
Strawberry Lime Agua Fresca


Juice & Smoothie Recipes
Kids Favorite Juice
Disclosure: RV post for KarmaKiss. All opinions are 100% my own. Thank you to the Blogger’s who shared some juice recipes above.

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