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Wellness Wednesday: Gather The Kids & Get Gardening

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If you are a Gardener or if you spend much time maintaining your yard at the start if spring, you know that it can be exhausting and your body feels it the next day! That is because while you are working away, you are giving your body a total workout. So why not gather the kids?  Let them dig and learn while sneaking in some exercise.

  • Let the younger kids toil and stir up that soil with little shovels. Heck! Hand them spoons and watch them go to town on that dirt! 
  • Let them choose the seedlings. Just as it is in the kitchen,  if they make it themselves then they are more likely to eat it!
  • Let them place the seeds. Let then place in a pattern of their own or place of their own.
  • Let them water. Get them their own water cans and assign watering days to each child. Take that time to watch the growth progress with them. 
  • Let them tend the area. On their watering night, add the task of checking for bugs or weeds and alert you.
  • Finally,  let them taste their crop! Plan a salad night and show them about washing and storing each fruit or veggie.

A garden from the kids…and you got them off the couch!

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23 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday: Gather The Kids & Get Gardening”

  1. My back yard is a mess of empty dirt i have yet to do anything with it and have lived in my home for a year now.with 3 kids im sure they would enjoy a project like this.

  2. My boys have been helping me weed the beds and we have started some seeds inside. They are thrilled to see the seeds spout open and the roots and stalks start, great learning experience.

  3. Still to cold to start a garden here. My neigbor kid loves to garden. Me, not so much, but when she asks if she can help I always take her up on it. She likes to weed and since my garden isn't very big it doesn't take her long to do it. When the fruit or veggies come around I let her pick a bunch for her and her mom. She's so proud that she helped!

  4. Kids sure love the dirt! Mine are teens now and don't love it so much lol. I try to get them to help me with weeding flower beds….sometimes it is successful others not so much!

  5. I would love to start growing a garden! I don't know much about it, but I think it would be something fun for my daughter and I to work on together! I think she probably would be excited to eat something she had grown (who am I kidding… I would too! lol!). Thank you for the ideas.. I think spreading the seeds the way she wants and watering her plants daily would definitely keep her interest level high!

  6. When I was a kid, I painted my mom's terra cotta plants. That was my part. I couldn't grow anything to save my life. Still can't. It's a miracle if anything stays alive after I've touched it.

  7. spring is here which means time to start gardening and beautify our yard. We live in an apartment so i am not fortunate in this field. i can plant in the pots though

  8. I've seen hands for turkeys and thumbprints to make into people, but this is the first time I saw painted hands as flowers. Fun idea.

  9. I am so excited to start our garden! I have already gotten some of the seed ready inside and now am waiting for decent weather to prep our bed. We have a big garden so our friends are all helping as well!

  10. Good idea. Kids love to be helpful and play in the dirt. They also like to watch "their" plants grow. They might even learn to eat veggies.

  11. This is a great idea.I often try to get the kids interested in gardening but this gives me extra ideas. thanks.
    This gets them involved in little ways first.

  12. Wondering how time does fly by so fast. can remember this activity wayyyy back in Pre-Kindergarden class. i miss being young. 🙂

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