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Wellness Wednesday: Do You Want To Quit Smoking? Our Eversmoke Story

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I was recently sent samples of Eversmoke E-Cigarette Starter Kit for review as I have seen e-cigarettes helping out many I know and I have a husband who likes to smoke cigars and a Mother-in-law with Congestive Heart Failure who smokes. When the kit came, we were so impressed that my husband offered it to my Mother-in-law who had just been turned on to E-Cigarettes by another family member and with her failing health and now being on Oxygen, she as late as it is, needs to stop for her own comfort. She has always heavily smoked and now has to suffer the real effects.
She was given the Basic Starter Set and the fact that it recharges is great! Granted we had to explain how a USB charger works, but as simple as it is, she caught on well. She has bought some basic disposable electric cigarettes and has been disappointed that she is replacing them earlier than the package promises and at almost $10 per unit that barely lasts her 2 weeks, she is saving money over standard cigarettes but now she can get even more use from Eversmoke. What does Eversmoke use in place of Tobacco? It uses a microcomputer chip (activates upon inhale), a lithium ion battery that releases charge to the atomizer. The atomizer heats up and vaporizes the “nicotine cartridge”. You get the flavor and only a physical sensation of Nicotine, you do not inhale it into your lungs!

Eversmoke system really understands the smoker’s needs. The cigarette feels so naturally like a real one and they include cartidges of flavored to standard tobacco flavor. I believe most smokers would use the standard as it is more related to what they are used to, but the flavored one’s are nice as she gets used to the concept of using electric. The tip of the e-cigarette lights up as she inhales as well as to indicate charging is complete. The cartridges screw on and off very easily and the best part-they are odorless! She lives in a retirement community where she had to haul herself outside down a hallway to smoke as the units have no direct outside access. Now she can stay in because these units omit a vapor, not smoke and it is odorless. Not to mention it takes the flame of a lighter or match out of her hands as well as away from her Oxygen tank! This enables for a completely flameless solution.
No Tobacco, No Flame, No Smoke, No Odor! What more can a concerned family ask for when Mom lives alone and just can’t shake the habit. She is a tough woman and all those years of smoking and despite CHF and despite frequent hospital visits, she just could not succeed with conventional stop-smoking products. I am happy to report, she now utilized Eversmoke for e-cigarette needs and has eliminated heavy or even moderate use of conventional cigarettes and she stays safe indoors where we like her to be.
To learn more education and see all the packages Eversmoke has to offer, visit their website. You can see more from their You Tube page.

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