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Wellness Wednesday: Dieting Success, I Hope!

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Dear Body of Mine,

About 6 years ago we had such a great relationship. You were younger and allowed me to live free of guilt and able to consume all of my favorite pleasures. I know I stressed you out a bit…there was the baby 5 years ago and periods of overwheliming stress and much fatigue. I cheated on you and was neglegent at times after making so many promises to try and help regain our past relationship.

Well, I hope you are willing to give me another chance. I am eliminating the stress of my job. Slowing down a bit and am excited to tell you that with this new lifestyle I plan to use the time creating healthier fuel for you during mealtime.  I will have more time now as a stay at home mom to spend with my family which makes me happier. A happy me is a less stressed me which will relieve you of the fight with my hormones. You are welcome!

All I ask is that you make this easy on me. I am doing this for you and your friends: Heart and Soul. If I promise consistency, please promise me grace and pride. July is coming quick and that is our month to begin our reconnect!

Your Friend,

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3 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday: Dieting Success, I Hope!”

  1. Congratulations on your new job and dedication to getting healthier! Eliminating stress is huge, so that should help a lot. Good luck on your journey and keep us posted!

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