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Wellness Wednesday: Common OTC Medications You Can Give Your Pets

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In a past life- a few years back, I worked in Veterinary medicine for some time. I recently remembered my handy list of human medications I can give my pets at home that are perfectly safe if you know the proper way to use them.

Of course, I have to say that you know your pet much better than I possibly can so you should always consult your Veterinarian if you have any questions about my own experiences keeping this list around for pet use. Your pet just may have other issues that could pose a contradiction to some of these….

Pepto Bismol: For Gi and vomiting ease
-Dogs 1tsp for every 5 pounds

Mineral Oil: For constipation
-Dogs up to 4tbsp a day (less for smaller dogs)
-Cats Up to 2 tbsp a day

Miralax: For Constipation (too much will be a diarrhea issue, so be careful)
-Dogs 1/8 tsp to start for smaller dogs-up to 1/4 tsp for large dogs
-Cats Mix 1/8 tsp in a cup of water and let them drink or syringe feed

Hydrogen Peroxide: To induce vomiting ( I had to use on my dog after he attacked the can of snail bait-it is a projectile vomit, let me warn you!!)
-Dogs 1tsp for every 10lbs. Can repeat after 15 minutes
-Cats same dose as dogs

Benadryl: For allergies and light sedation (perfect for the fireworks or before a nail trim)
-Dogs 1mg for every pound. Can give up to 3 times a day. Allow 30-45 minutes to take effect.
-Cats Same as dogs

Dramamine: For motion sickness/car rides
-Dogs 2-4mg per pound. No more than 50mg
-Cats Same as dogs but no more than  10mg

Aspirin: For pain
-Dogs 3-5mg for every pound. Keep baby aspirin around for small dogs/adult aspirin for large dogs. Every 12 hours
-Cats Not advised

I got my doseages from a list I had from my local vet office as well as to make sure dosing hasn’t changed since my list was acquired.

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5 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday: Common OTC Medications You Can Give Your Pets”

  1. I've given my dogs many of those human meds. Also, my county has a discount prescription card for anyone to use. It's also good for animal prescriptions that the human pharmacy can fill. I had to give one of my dogs prozac for awhile.

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