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Weight Loss Tip: Log your Calories and Recipes in MyFitnessPal’s new feature

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Did you know that you could be up to 40% more successful at losing weight by logging your recipes and food? Did you also know that according to another survey from My Fitness Pal, on days that diet loggers don’t log their food intake, they are 6 times more likely to eat over their targeted calorie count and 7 times more likely to intake too much sodium? Logging recipes is a tool and a motivator. Most of us are visual and kinesthetic and to see and do is how we maintain successful goals in most tasks and curriculum. My Fitness Pal has something new! It is called the Recipe Tool.
About the NEW Recipe Tool on the My Fitness Pal App

If you use IOS or Android Apps, you can log into your MyFitnessPal App or head to When you find any recipe online you like, just copy and paste the URL to that recipe into the Recipe Tool. If you do not have a recipe URL, just add ingredients manually. You will get Nutritional information, have the ability to add it to your ‘Recipe Box’ and add portions to your ‘Food Diary’.
Works great for weight loss goals as well as your entire families health needs. You can be sure your children and you are getting the best ingredients and not too many calories per meal or snack. When the family sees you logging food, it sends the message that we all need to pay attention to the foods we choose to eat. 
Here is a great Black Friday brunch recipe:
Sausage Egg Nests

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