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Wearable pain therapy with Snapbac

I was sent product for promotion

I am a Mom and always on the go with my boys. I am no athlete or superstar, just a Mom who used to be athletic and pay the price today for that. My knees are feeling the years of ice skating and playing catcher in softball. My neck feels the pain of weak shoulders and it doesn’t take much to aggravate those joints and tissues that have been stressed. I recently began seeing a trainer at my gym so I can start to get back into shape and as I re-strengthen these aging joints and muscles I feel a good workout for days after. I can’t slow down though as I don’t have time. Snapbac has allowed me to ice my shoulder and back and keep on moving at the same time!
No more holding frozen peas to my shoulder or sitting in a hectic day because I have to hold ice to my back or knees. I wear my heat and cold packs as I continue on with my day or evening.

I have the Snapbac Women’s Shirt that came with a medium sized pod. I can slip this in the shirt at my shoulders or lower back. The shirt is compression based so the pac is held tight and close to my body at the spots I may need it most without shifting. The mesh pockets on the shirt fuse with the design of the pod so it grabs and stays in place in the pocket. The shirt fabric is a patented SNAPNANO® fabric that is anti-microbial, moisture wicking and offers UV protection.

As you can see in the video this technology of wearing your therapy can provide relief to many parts of your body depending on the product you purchase. This makes such a great gift for any runner, athlete or even for anyone suffering from aching joints or pain conditions where a compression and ice/heat therapy has been recommended.
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