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Wearable Car Seat Ponchos are great for the car and cold

Wearable Car Seat Ponchos are great for the car and cold

We have all learned by now that bulky coats and blankets under car seat belts are not safe. The bulkiness causes the belt to be too loose and not function correctly in a crash. This is where the car seat Poncho by Birdy Boutique comes in. When we need to warm our babies and toddlers yet need to travel these ponchos can be worn over the seat belt system and work with a child’s body when fastened into the seat.

Birdy Boutique

The car seat Ponchos is crash tested in a crash testing facility, surpassing safety NHTSA standards, CPSC/CPSIA Safety Compliant after rigorous testing, CPST car seat technician recommended. The poncho fits kids 6 months to 5 years old, in car seat or walkers, and grows with them. 

Birdy Boutique is a women & veteran owned small business that works hard to bring a safe solution to keeping baby warm in the drive out. The Traveling Poncho slips on over your child’s head, allows for extra room for a hat if needed, rest of poncho spreads over your child’s body for full coverage and warmth, the back can be flipped over the head rest to prevent bulkiness and the front spreads over your child.

The soft, double-layered fleece comes in a few patterns. This makes an excellent gift as we head into colder weather. Available on Amazon. Make sure to also visit Birdy Boutique to see more amazing products.

Comment: I was sent product for this authentic feature. All opinions are my own

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