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We tested it and I approve of the Wow Cup for spill proof drinking

This is a product review for TeleBrands Products and the WOW Cup

I know, right? Genious! How many spills have you cleaned up on your carpets from leaky sippy cups? I bet it is as much as I have o more. When my son was younger, I was always on the perfect sippy cup hunt. Just when I thought I found one that did not leak, a few dishwasher runs later it would start to spill liquid as the seal would weaken. The reason why this beats any sippy cup out there, in my opinion, is the design. It is not another, lid with a seal, it is a leak-proof design.

I let my 6 year old have at this cup-he shook it, threw it and I washed it a few times in the dishwasher and not a leak! He is past the sippy cup stage, but cups like these still come in handy on road trips or camping with others to avoid accidental car spills and so he always knows which drink is his as  they leave them around the campsite.
The Wow Cup has no spout and no straw. It is self-sealing with a 360 degree UNI-FLO edge so no sucking issues in the way of orthodontic visits from the frequent sucking action. Sippy cups are great for the very young as they are easy to use. This is the cup to transition from sippy cup to regular cup or to keep as they age for the car and easy cup ID around other kids. 
Wow Cup is a Mom’s Choice Award winner. Children can run, jump, play and take their drinks to go with no spill concerns. No more changing shirts full of fruit juice or milk spills. No manual operation-buttons or levers needed. It is dishwasher safe and available in blue, pink, green and purple. Also, they are BPA free, of course! Trust me- we tested the heck out of it and I approve! It works!

Find your Wow Cup at a major retailer near you for no more than $10 or visit
Do you have a leaky cup horror story? Tell me about it below!
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