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We Are Power: How Nonviolent Activism Changed the World – Tween Book Review

We Are Power: How Nonviolent Activism Changed the World

We Are Power: How Nonviolent Activism Changed the World by Todd Hasak-Lowy April 7, 2020

I read this book written for ages 10-14 to make sure that it was going to enlighten, not judge and teach your tween, not persuade them into a political conversation. My hopes were this book would inspire the young to stand up for each other and their world and understand when rules can be bent for good without violence. That even the best spirited can lead others to a common goal and make a change simply by believing in themselves and others. Not politics, but using their voice and power of their hearts to lead our Country and the World in bettering itself and adapting to change.

We Are Power is that book! It tells 5 incredible stories of nonviolent struggles of our world’s past. Nonviolence is not new, it is well over hundreds of years old. Each story is unique and will teach and inspire your child as they get a glimpse into history and what injustices used to exist and why they no longer do.

It shares the stories: Gandhi and Indian Independence, Alice Paul and Votes for Women, Martin Luther King Jr. and Project C, Cesar Chavez and the Farmworkers Movement, Vaclav Havel and the Velvet Revolution.


Ages 10-14? Appropriate and easy to read? Yes! Engaging and eager to follow along? I might say for sure age 12-14 (and even 40-something as I learned a few thongs myself reading this book). I think 10-11 might find the long chapters and mentions of Acts, dates hard to stay engaged IF they are not already interested in history or reading, in general. A mature, bookworm like my son who loves facts can easily read this at 10, so you know your child best at that younger tween age.

It’s a little bit of history, nothing but the facts and a world of change for the better! You can find We Are Power: How Nonviolent Activism Changed the World at Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.

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