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Ways to save on the Perfumes you love at Scentbird

This is a promotional post for Scentbird

Do you have only 1 perfume you love and no other will be necessary? Most likely you don’t. Full size bottles of perfume can be expensive and if you want more than one type so you have variety, it can cost quite a bit. If only you could get smaller bottles of the scents you like so you can really try them for a while before committing for the larger bottles. Scentbird offers this option and more. If perfume is on your wish list, consider Scentbird that may save you in the long run. I’ll explain how.
About Scentbird
Scentbird is a subscription service that costs you only $14.95 a  month. Once you go to the website, you will take a short quiz so that Scentbird can get to know the scents you like. You will get an 8ml bottle of a scent that matches your picks and scents choices each month. The 8ml is enough for you to wear everyday for 30 days. The choices sent to you are not a surprise. If you are familiar with Netflix for movies, Scentbird works the same way with perfumes. You can go to your calendar and choose the scent each month you want sent to you. You can choose favorites over again or decide it is time to try a new scent.
Scentbird has over 350 designer scents to choose from and offers suggestions based on an algorithm of over 300,000 reviews by real women. No more paying a fortune for a scent you thought smelled good in the store only to bring it home and realize your family is disappointed every time you spray that ‘awful’ perfume scent. You have only a 30-day supply you are paying a lower price for and if it works out, request it again. If it doesn’t work out, you have not paid a fortune for a longer commitment to that perfume.
How to save with Scentbird
  • You pay a small monthly fee to get a 30-day supply of a new perfume. No wasted money on large bottles
  • Trying before you buy is a great way to really see if investing in a more expensive size will be right for you
  • Own more than one scent for variety that will last several weeks at more than half retail full-bottle prices
My experience
With your first month, you get a luxury scent case. After that you get your refills. If you have some left over from last month you can still save it. Just switch it out with the new one and vice versa as you decide what scent you need. I was sent Anna Sui’s La Vie De Boheme. As I took my initial scent quiz, I told Scentbird how the fruity and flower scents are what I like best. This one is spot on to my style. La Vie De Boheme is a floral-fruity scent with only a minor woody background and playful scent. It has a little bit of berries, rose and musk. I was highly satisfied and the case you spray from is a great size for my purse and works great. Switching out scents is easy. You will also get a card for your scent describing that perfume and the ingredients that make up that scent.
Disclaimer: I was sent product. All opinions are 100% my own


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