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WaterWeek Tritan bottles for your fridge

This is a product review for WaterWeek Tritan bottles

Our days are so dull with nothing to do and no where to go…said NO parent EVER! We have so much going on that even in the calm between storms, our minds are constantly trying to think ahead and keep us prepared and on track. There are many ways we neglect ourselves as parents in the hustle of daily life. We eat on the go which is never the healthiest option, we exhaust ourselves and we forget to stay hydrated at times. I am bad at keeping hydrated. I hate sink water, so I want the filtered or bottle water. However, I do not have room in my fridge to keep a 25 pack of plastic bottles so they are always warm and in the garage and what a pollutant on our environment! WaterWeek has a solution you will love. 

This tray of 5 decorative bottles keep that filtered water you love ready to go when you need to race out of the house. No more skipping the water because you are in a hurry and that Brita is empty! WaterWeek Tritan bottle system keeps you prepared. 

“Fill, Chill & Go” is the convenience this set offers. WaterWeek by Reduce is so much better for the environment then plastic water bottles that come from the grocer. It has the fridge tray to keep them contained in the fridge and the designs will allow you to carry them around in style. It is a high end Transparent Tritan Plastic for durability. The bottles are BPA free, hold 24 ounces of water and are dishwasher safe. The lids have a rubber grip with stainless steel accent. 

We are busy, we are constantly on the go. Stay hydrated. 

For more information, visit WaterWeek Tritan by Reduce

Parenting Healthy was provided the above product for review. All opinions are 100% my own.
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