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Waterweek Reduce products for kids

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With so many sports bottles and hydration packs on the markets marketed at the athletes and busy parents, the kids like to to have fun with their water as well! I know that when I have a cool looking water bottle, the boys gravitate to it and want to use mine. They actually want water simply because my bottle looks fun. If you give the kids something fun, they use it! In this regard, if you give them fun water bottles they are likely to drink more water! 
Reduce has many quality and functional water bottles for the fridge and on-the-go and they have not neglected the kids at all! The kids have choices of many fun themes and prints and many varieties of water bottles to choose from. I keep the Reduce Gripster Sport bottle on hand for soccer practice and the 5-day water bottle set in the fridge for instant cold water. I have never witness our youngest open the fridge and grab a plastic water bottle. He will drink it when I hand him water, but when he is looking for his own beverage he is not drawn to it at all. Since I have pre-filled and put the 5-day Cosmic Water set in the fridge, he grabs those first. 

  • Steel Thermos Bottles
  • Gripster Double-walled Sport Bottle
  • Gripster Sport Bottle
  • Gripster Graphic Bottle
  • GoGi Kids Straw Cups in solid and prints
  • 5-Day Water Bottle Sets
  • Replacement lids
Know that not only is your child encouraged to consume more water, but it is from a safe bottle from Reduce. They are all safe, durable and BPA-free.
Stock up on your water bottles for the new school year for the entire family at

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