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WatchBot3 home & baby monitor review & giveaway

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This is a product review for WatchBot3.0

WatchBot3 are your eyes when you are away

As parents we want to have our eyes on our babies and young children at all times. Then they become teens and can be left home alone and again, we want to keep our eyes on them constantly! We cannot follow them around like puppy dogs and we cannot watch every moment of our young child’s naps or we’d never get anything done. Some of us work and are not able to see our child play and function at home with the Nanny or relative and we miss special moments. It is like sending your child to school for the first time and having that huge desire to peak through a window and see your child in social settings while you are not present! We all have that urge to want to watch and protect our children at any age!

WatchBot3 are your eyes when you cannot be home. It offers you the security and protection you want for your family when you are away. You have seen nanny cams and baby monitors, but WatchBot3 will grow with your child. It is a baby monitor when your infant sleeps. It can become a nanny camera once you go back to work and leave them home. It can protect your home when on vacation. It can watch your older children as they get home from school on their own hours before you arrive from work. It is easy to use and monitor.

How does it work?

WatchBot3 takes less than 5 minutes to set up. Once it is on and in the position in your home you need it to be you can now see what your camera sees from any location. You can view the camera through its eyes from work, on trips or your date night for contentment! You can even watch that new puppy or kitten of yours get into mischief when they are alone. How fun would that be to watch?! Perhaps you have an elderly parent living on their own. WatchBot can have you check in even if you are thousands of miles away!

It is a Plug and Play technology. Your viewings can be done from a computer, smart phone, tablet or laptop. You can move the lens up/down/right/left from your location for better viewing. WatchBot3 has intelligent motion detectors and night vision capabilities. On motion sensor mode, you will be sent an alarm if it detects motion. It records that movement on its own SD card in the unit. This allows you to capture moments with prints or video to save. You can even connect up to 64 cameras on the same viewing app for maximum security. This is great if you run a business you have to lock up and leave at night or a vulnerable relative who lives alone.

Setting up the WatchBot 3.0 is easy….

Imagine getting a call from the Nanny to hurry and log in as your child is taking their first step when you are away. Or imagine that day you leave your older child home alone on those short-test runs and you can log in and touch base visually as needed. Imagine your elderly relative has become single and lives alone. You can position several cameras  in every room and monitor their safety. We just recently lost a dear relative because she fell in her bathroom and hit her head. She had been there too long-alone and bled. Had someone saw this, she may have survived! WatchBot3 are truly your eyes when you are away. 

WatchBot Cameras

The Giveaway

Enter to win $600 worth of WatchBot products. 

  • The Competition is open to worldwide participants aged 18 years and
    over. The prize consists of 4 WatchBot Camera’s – 1 free app – 1 years free
  • support.

Parenting Healthy was provided the above product. Any opinions are 100% my own

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