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Why War Exhibit at the Flying Heritage Collection of Paul G. Allen

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There is a new exhibit opening on March 4, 2017 in the Paul G. Allen Flying Heritage Collection called Why War: The Causes of Conflict. Walking through the collection of planes, weapons and tanks is fascinating. However, they wanted to add a bit of conversation to what you are seeing. These machines are built for war, but why? These are massive and some are capable of destruction at their active state. Why did we need such enormous and mighty machines of war? This exhibit is full of answers and more.


This is set up in a far corner of the main hanger and it is all interactive. In this little space, you and the kids will get lost for a long time. With large touchscreen panels that greet you, your fingers control the education you read and watch. Choose a war and you get so much for that time period-war facts, figures and even videos. You can even find popular culture for that era-there is a clip of I Love Lucy you can watch!

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Moving on you see displayed atom bombs and tools. There are media and protest posters from all eras and another touchscreen display about the people of war-men, women, children and soldiers to get to know for different wars.


Anthony’s favorite was the conflict command center. There are interactive computers set up that make you the leader of a country. You are given scenarios and you make the decisions on resolution. You can even (pretend) call advisors for their opinion like you might actually do. You are timed and once you move through a solution process it ranks you. Anthony was labeled as a Strategist for his choice of resolution on the conflict he played with. He is going on 9 and enamored by this part of the exhibit.

There is more as well as a peak into the actual collection, watch Anthony’s video below:

If you know someone in the Seattle are or plan to make it into Everett for a peak into the Boeing plant and museums, visit They are available for class and group tours. The kids would highly enjoy this from about Anthony’s age and older.

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