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Wall Pops Home Decor Ideas

I was sent samples for feature.

Wall Pops Home Decor Ideas

I spend a lot of my day at my home office. My office is a desk that sits in the family room. It is seldom quiet unless my son is at school and because I try to keep it low profile being that it is in a main space in the house, it is hard to put my own comfortable stamp on my work space. As we begin house hunting this summer a dedicated office space is at the top of my list. For now I am gathering some Wall Pops home decor ideas to help make subtle changes by my desk.

Wall Pops has a lot of home decor ideas from changing the office look to bedrooms and even kitchens. My favorite are the Organization Kits like this Peel and Stick set with the Kolkata design I now have. I can choose to hang all 4 sections or a few at a time. The wall cork is great when my son hands me art to share and also to pin notices. I love the erasable board feature so I can just keep the sheet I have and change dates in the month for new events.   I also was able to use the included embellishments and thumbtacks that match to give it even more personality on my wall.

I found a few more Wall Pop home decor ideas you may love. This is just a sample of ideas for all rooms in your home. With Valentine’s Day arriving, there are some fun designs you can include on your walls at home or in the office to celebrate the month! See some examples I found below.  

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I really loved these fun designs you can find to celebrate love or any occasion throughout the year with peel and stick decals with Wall Pops!

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