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VTech’s DS6671-3 Cordless Phone System syncs with your cell phone

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Dad and his cell phone! Does he like to part with it? My husband would love to but working corporate at a major auto retailer, he may be off at 5pm Monday through Friday, but with stores open 7 days a week until as late as 9pm and the over 65 stores in his region that he is responsible for he can get a call at any hour when something comes up. But with a 2-level home he cannot always be near his phone or he has his phone carried around with him if he is expecting a call.
We don’t have a landline anymore because years ago we decided we didn’t need one as we never used it. So we miss the handsets we can strategically place so we we’re never far from the ring. VTech finally found a way to allow your cell phone and notifications to become available to you around your home like we were used to.


The VTech’s DS6671-3 Corldess Phone System syncs with up to 2 Android or iOS cell phone lines and up to 5 cordless hand sets. You can easily switch over your contacts as this unit will download up to 2000 phonebook contacts. Now when your cell rings or you get a text or even social media notifications you will get a beep or sound to alert you.
You get the full features as your standard handset from a display screen to speaker phone on the handset. You also get a hands-free earpiece. It also has a full answering service so you can listen to your messages through the unit instead of with a phone to your ear. So, let’s take a step back into those cordless handset days and easy access to those important calls and finally connect from anywhere in the home or office with today’s technology. See VTech for more products like this that Dad will love.
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