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New VTech Wireless HD Video Baby Monitor with Wi-Fi Camera and Touch Screen

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Vtech baby monitor

I continue to be amazed at how far the baby monitor technology has come since my own 8 year old was an infant. I remember when video monitors came out-it was a grainy black and white image with a lag in movement timing and they cost a fortune. Now there are monitors with so many features I use one in my home and I don’t even have an infant or toddler. This is the new  VTech VM981 Wi-Fi HD Video Monitor and Camera.

kid monitor

My son is 8 and we have a multi-level home so it is a constant yelling through the house because he gets too lazy to walk to where we are at. With this VTech monitor I can easily peek in on him playing and communicate with him. Because he knows I can hear him he just simply finds the camera to get my attention. You can connect up to 10 VTech cameras into one system for app viewing or touchscreen viewing.

app baby monitor

By simply downloading the free My VTechBaby app from your app store you can connect with your cameras and snap photos, engage recording, turn sound on and off and set to night vision. Simply pinch the screen to zoom in with the 10x remote digital zoom.


Setting it up is as easy as following the quick start guide included. It took me no time at all. I like to keep a camera upstairs pointing into the front yard. This way if my son is out front, I can have a view of him from my work desk. The VTech VM981 also has a camera that transmits 720p high-definition video to view from the included touchscreen or any device. You can adjust the camera angle and set a motion alert.


Visit the VTech website for more information and where you can buy this unit.

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