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Vitafusion™ Lil’ Critters™ Vitamins are Gluten Free

This is a promotional post on behalf of Sverve for #gfwalmart. Any included opinions are my own

There are supplements for everything and within the different types of supplements, there are several brands and combinations to choose from. It’s tough enough to try and decipher the best brands for ourselves, but what about our children? I give my son a multi vitamin every morning with breakfast and I choose my brand based on what is in the vitamin and most importantly, what is NOT in the vitamin. I also need ones that taste great so that I don’t have to fight him to take his vitamins. He is 7 and since he was a toddler he has been taking the Lil’ Critters™ vitamins from vitafusion™. 
The recipe to a good children’s vitamin
Not only does my son like the gummy bear taste, I love the ingredients and it was by far the best choice sitting on the shelves and have just never thought to try any other brand since. Many vitamins at the mass retailers have added ingredients like aspartame, sorbitol and hydrogenated oils to name a few. These are just highly irresponsible ingredients to put in any product let alone a child’s vitamin in my opinion. You will not find these ingredients in Lil’ Critters™.
Lil’ Critters™ gives my son Vitamin A that is great for eye health, Vitamin B’s for cell support, Vitamin C & E as antioxidants, Vitamin D for bone support and other minerals. There is no gluten, high fructose corn syrup or synthetic dyes. A good vitamin considers every ingredient it uses to give the best vitamin and mineral support without using ingredients that can cause other health problems. 
They should also taste good and remain fresh. These vitamins do just that. The gummies are always moist until the last dose. The flavors are made naturally using cherry, berry and citrus and my son loves them. I never have to talk him into taking his vitamins. 
Staying stocked up on Lil’ Critters vitamins for my son is as easy as picking them up on my Walmart trips. I love that Walmart offers so many gluten free variety of foods and health products so I can afford them. No more driving across town and paying a fortune at health stores. The next time you are at Walmart take a look and you will find many gluten free products. If you are interested in recipes featuring some of these products, visit the Walmart Gluten Free Community Page.
Give your kids the supplement they may need without the glutens or sweeteners they don’t need. The kids will love the gummies of Lil’ Critters™ Gummy Vites from vitafusion™.
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