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Vicks is making it easier to stay healthy this winter

I was provided samples for feature

It is cold and flu season and have you felt it yet? As I write this post my son is getting over a nasty bug that turned into a cold and he missed 2 days of school last week over it. Going forward I need to make some changes and be more prepared as it is clear the cold and flu season has hit and will be here to stay for a few months. Vicks is helping me become prepared and now is the time to make sure you have what you need when the illnesses hit your home.

If you do not have a humidifier in a room or two of your home, you have not felt the difference in air moisture that these bring. I have one in my son’s room right next to his bed and one in our bedroom as well as a large one downstairs. I use them in the winter often and the Sweet Dreams by Vicks is perfect for a nursery or kids room. Not only does it have that cool mist and small particles that can get through those tiny membranes for your child, but it projects images that are gentle and will help your child fall asleep. There are 3 image themes and each theme rotates through 3 scenes projected on the ceiling. They are full color images and offer a calming room effect at bedtime.
On the side in an easy-open door you can insert the Vicks refill pads so you have that popular Vicks menthol vapor in the mist. You can add up to 2 pads for longer lasting mist. Retail: $60
When the clammy skin and flushed faces indicate a fever, the thermometer is the first tool you reach for. Vicks has a SmartTemp Thermometer meaning it works together with the Vicks SmartTemp app on your phone. It is compatible with most plans such as iOS 7.0 (iPhone 4@ and newer) and Android (4.3 and newer) phones. 

The features include creating profiles for each family member, color-changing screen from green, yellow and red as temperature alerts, symptom tracker and medication alerts.

Use orally, rectally or under the arm for readings in about 8 seconds.
Retails around $25

Make sure you are prepared and look for Vicks products in retailers near you!

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