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VIBE Ingredient Infused Snack Bars Combining Caffeine and Protein

Which bar are you today – Energy or Calm? These bars are the first ever ingredient infused snack bars with caffeine and protein. The ingredients are natural as well as Gluten Free and Vegan.

Vibe Calm is Vibe’s first full infusion bar, combining a fully vegan bar that is keto friendly (4g net carbs), only 2g of sugar and has ingredients that help fight anxiety and de-stress.  With GABA, glycine, l-theanine and lavender oil, tell life to “namaste” calm. 

Vibe Energy is a caffeine infused protein bar with the equivalent of 1.5 shots of espresso.  The caffeine source is coffeeberry which is extremely high in antioxidants and has a whole slew of health benefits. 

Last weekend we started a 2-day interior painting project in our home. The home is still only 2 years old, but the builders used flat paint and it shows every dirt and handprint mark, so we needed to get better paint on all of our walls. When we set up home projects, the house suddenly gets turned into a chaotic mess and I do not function well when the house is a mess and torn up. The dogs needed to be kept downstairs and that was tough, neighbor kids are found racing through the house because they can’t just stay outside, meals need to be cooked and eaten and laundry caught up and we just want to do nothing else but get this painting over with.

We left to eat out the last night because cooking dinner was not in the cards and I came home realizing I left my purse on the restaurant chair. I was so exhausted and in a chaotic state of mind. I knew I have the Vibe Calm bars so that is how I ended the day. I needed something to calm my nerves.

The lavender flavor had me skeptical I could down a whole bar with that flavor, but in need of something calming I gave no thought about flavors and found myself really enjoying it with the vanilla as a subtle sweet taste. Turned on some G.O.T. (we are only on Season 7), ate my bar and slept like a baby. That’s what a Vibe Calm bar is for and I was so glad I had one in the cupboard for that day.

They have 6 more flavors in various stages of development and all of them should be out in 2019, with more in development for 2020 and beyond. The company chooses to spread good vibes through the Vibe Infusion Charity Fund. It rotates between five key areas that have the biggest impact on our daily lives: helping children, the environment, animals, curing diseases and our veterans. For more information and to purchase Vibe bars visit

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