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Very Christmas Children’s Book #HolidayGiftGuide

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Holiday Gift Guide: Very Christmas Book


Very Christmas

by: Simone Mets

It’s a children’s Christmas book…without pictures. Why? Because the Very Christmas book that gives a lesson in giving is full of characters that have no identity. Without pictures, your child can imagine their own selves in the story or make up their own images of the characters.

Without pictures, I wondered how a child will stay engaged. It is a long story, but each page alternates in colors and fonts and fun texts. They will remember the story and follow along by the pages design.


The story is of a little girl and her friends who Discover a way to make Christmas wishes come true when Santa’s workshop is destroyed by a storm. “Very Christmas” has won the 2016 Elite Gold Award in the holiday category, an award honoring the best e-books published each year in North America. Just when everyone seems to give up all hope, the unstumpable Ava Buttons, together with her friends, discover a way to make Christmas wishes come true. Motivated by a desire to help others, Ava converts even her naughtiest friend, Rowdy Meyers, from an enthusiastic getter to a champion giver.

You can learn more about the Author at http://www.verychristmasbook.com/ and get your copy of Merry Christmas on Amazon.

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