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Velocity Boards for the beginner rider #velocityboards

This is a promotional post for Velocity Boards. Opinions are my own

With 3 boys-two being over 16 years old-my youngest is always trying to be like his big brothers. Both older boys at different points of their lives were into skateboarding and longboarding. I also have a brother who helped design and develop our local skate park years ago right out of High School so riding is in the blood. What always scared me was the way they take off when learning with no real control. Velocity Boards are built for the beginner rider like my 7 year old. He will ride up and down our street for long periods of time.
What is so great about this Velocity board is within the wheels and trucks. The bearings are a high speed ABEC-7 bearing, but the design does not allow the board to take off at high rates of speed right away even when downhill. If he stays on it, it will really get going, but unlike his big brothers’s board it is a gradual increase in speed. He learns to ride on our inclined hill and can hop off before he gets to an uncomfortable speed.
About Velocity Boards PP Retro Cruiser Complete 22″ Banana Skateboard
  • 6″ Lightweight Aluminum Trucks
  • Deck is approx. 22 x 6 x 4″
  • Truck hanger width is 3″
  • Textured waffle pattern on board for traction
  • High Speed ABEC-7 Bearings, High Quality Wheels & Bushings, Hardware

The boards and all of the many color designs to choose from are available on Amazon and qualify for PRIME shipping if you are a member.

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