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Vbiger Outdoor Strategic Gloves for Mountain, Cycling, Racing Motorcycle and Warmth

I had the pleasure of receiving these The Vbiger Outdoor Strategic Gloves in exchange for an honest review. I plan on gifting these to my son who owns a bike and uses it to and from work to save gas. These had all the qualities you want in street bike gloves. They are flexible, have the airflow pocket you can velcro shut or leave open. They have the extra protection for knuckles and finger tips. The material and finger tips allow for easy gripping with the gloves on. I even tested  by swiping my cell phone on and worked fine. They adjust around wrist with a sturdy velcro.

The only mention I would advise about when buying these is they do run small-about a size small. They are the thinner version. Still all the protection and warmth you would want on an average day but they are not the oversized gloves I have seen for those very icy and snowy cold days. These are great everyday gloves when you need some warmth and protection for your hands and wrist.

The Vbiger Outdoor Strategic Gloves for Mountain, Cycling, Racing Motorcycle and Warmth 
are available at Amazon. Follow on Facebook for any promotions and updates. They make an excellent gift!

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