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Using Zero Water instead of Tap Water

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Chances are you have or do own some sort of water filtration system. Maybe your refrigerator has one with drinking water options or you have a special filter on your sink faucet. The other filtration option is a system you keep in your fridge or on your counter. However you get yourself fresh water, do you really know much about what it is doing to your water? Do you know why you should use a system like Zero Water instead of tap water? I searched out the answers for you.

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While the EPA is responsible for the quality of water coming through your tap, the main concern over tap water is lead. Most older homes still have lead pipes and even with EPA testing the levels of acceptable lead are less strict than water sold from bottles or that come from home filtering. The most lead-prone drinking water you can find will most likely come from your tap. However, is bottled water better? The environment would say no! Those bottles are pollution and although the FDA oversees the quality of bottled water, their standards are not to make it any better than tap water. In a study years ago it was actually found that 25% of bottled water was actually tap water.

Perhaps you live in a rural community where the threat of contamination is high. Contaminants that can be found in these public water systems can include pesticides. Some private wells are not regulated or free of other contaminants either. To sum this up, older homes, homes in rural areas and those on private wells run contaminant risks in their water and that’s a lot of households who may be drinking tested water but that water is not tested daily and is at a risk.

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Home water filtration systems like Zero Water products will bring you the peace of mind that every cup of water you or your children drink is safe. The proof is in the TDS meter that comes with your pitchers. Zero Water removes 99.63% of total solids. On their website I entered my zip code to see what the TDA reading is in my water and it is currently at 41.33. If I use Zero Water filtered water that reading should show 000- zeros!

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Zero Water blows its competition away in terms of filtration using it’s 5-Stage filters. In a Testing performed by an independent, EPA Certified Laboratory and does not have any affiliation with Zero Technologies, LLC or Brita it shows the following comparison results

  • Average reduction of inorganics (Ni, cl, fl, etc): Zero Water=99% vs 44%
  • Average reduction of metals: Zero Water=98% vs 88%
  • Average reduction of pesticides: Zero Water=99% vs 69% (that’s huge)
  • Average reduction of other VOC: Zero Water=93% vs 59%

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We drove our middle son across the state to his freshman year of college. In the list of dorm supplies we have, it was recommended that we send him with a water filtration system because of complaints of how bad the dorm’s water tastes. It is pretty bad-I tasted it while there. The last thing a college child needs in his body is lead from older buildings perhaps and contaminated water so it is not worth the risk. I am sending him a Zero Water system for sure when we go back. The only other option is quality bottled water but that puts plastic back in the landfills and the cost of quality bottled water will run more over time than using a Zero Water system.

The typical Zero Water 5-Stage filter should last about 15 gallons and replacements are anywhere from $11-14 depending on the retailer. You can pay almost $5 for a case of 24 waters, so the math works out in favor of the Zero Water in terms of cost over time.

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I encourage you to learn more and to taste the difference of using water form a Zero Water pitcher vs the tap water you drink and even over the taste of standard bottled water. You will taste the difference and feel confident your family is drinking the safest of water. Visit Zero Water Website | Facebook | You Tube to see how it all works

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As I was reading your post, I was thinking that it would be perfect for my college-aged daughters. Thanks for the information and the gift idea.


Thanks for sharing!! Yeah we definitely cannot trust what’s in our tap water. Will need to look into this filtering system 🙂

leon Smith

Definitely, zero water tastes crisp. Thanks for sharing great information. Keep up the good work.