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How to use Dealspotr to earn and save money

This is a sponsored post for Dealspotr. Some links may be affiliated.
dealspotr coupons

I wanted to introduce you to a one-of-a-kind deal finder and reward community for Influencers and the general public. You do not need to be a Blogger to simply find, share and browse great deals. The influencers can add deals and move up in levels through the Influencer Network, but you can browse and share these deals with your friends and family to save.

Adding a deal is simple. If you see a great deal, look for it in Dealspotr and if it is not listed, add it! You will earn points that add up and become redeemable for gift cards and more.

dealspotr coupons

Why do WE add the deals? Well, brands can add their deals too but as a community of shoppers and influencers we can verify the best deals out there because they worked for us and share with others. Dealspotr does its part by verifying every deal. This means that anyone on the site that finds a deal will get a real, working code or savings.

I am a Blogger so how do I put Dealspotr to use for me?

  1. I share and post deals using my referral link. This earns me back even more points for referrals that come in through my site.
  2. I also a am given about 4 codes a day I can pass on to invite other Influencers to the Dealspotr Influencer Network. When they earn from moving up in level, I earn too.
  3. The more I move up in levels, the more commission I can earn plus bonus amounts when I convert a deal
  4. I get Influencer badges to choose from for my site
  5. At Gold level, I max out and enjoy the best benefits. After publishing this post I will be there because I learned Dealspotr and am sharing it with you via a post right now.
  6. Each deal has a deal sharing widget within the share icon that is customizable to add your own brand affiliate links

I have already moved from Bronze to Silver and should be at gold real soon. Remember that Dealspotr’s content is crowdsourced, meaning their 30,000 members add, edit, and police all the deals on Dealspotr to ensure the deals are accurate and complete.

It is easy to earn gift cards using Dealspotr, it’s even reasonably easy to earn your first $10 gift card on your first day using Dealspotr. Plus, you’re helping shoppers save money (and saving money yourself) while you’re earning. So get started now at Dealspotr.

Here is an example of a deal I posted in less than 5 minutes on my blog. It includes my Dealspotr link as well as my personal Best Buy link:

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