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Unwanted Houseguests? Moxie Pest Control Will Take Care Of Them!

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If you haven’t noticed, it is the time of year for colorful trees, blooming plants, warmer weather and my favorite…longer days! Baseball has begun moods get a bit calmer and in my state we can begin to think about putting umbrellas away. With warm weather and still rainy days, we also get CRITTERS!! The Ants and pests that love finding shelter in our homes. If you are like me, the first sign of an ant starts me on a huge mission.
My mission? Find the point of entry! The second mission is to find an elimination method that works. If you have ever been invaded by Ants, you know  that if you don’t get them at first sight and find that source, it gets worse and worse until it is a bit beyond your control. The good thing is there are others out there who make it their living to be there when you need that extra help to remove those pests.

About Moxie Pest Control
  • Moxie Pest Control will help you eliminate the seasonal ants as well as spiders, mice and even bed bugs, to name a few. 
  • Quotes are free as they should be, I feel. 
  • Currently they offer services in Utah, Arizona, Missouri, N Carolina and Virginia. 
  • Their Technicians are licensed
  • You get a complete home inspection, treatment plan, prevention plan and maintenance with their service
  • They will return 1 month later to catch surviving adult pests to complete the process
  • Maintenance only requires outside access, so no appointment conflicts will arise
  • They use environmentally-friendly products
Enjoy a few Ant facts and visit Moxie Pest Control for more information……

Ants Graphic by Moxie Pest Control
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Opinions are 100% my own and I choose to share products and services I feel will be of interest of my readers.

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