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UnitedHealthcare Virtual Visits Q&A and $100 Amazon Giveaway

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Sometimes there are semi-emergencies that occur at home. It typically falls on a Sunday or evening after your Doctor office is closed and with smaller situations you wonder if you should drive in or wait. It is an unsettling feeling especially if you are a Mom or caring for elderly. If only a professional could reach you and tell you if your situation warrants dragging the patient into an emergency room at odd hours. Thanks to todays technology and UnitedHealthcare accepting claims for these situations, there are virtual visits that we can easily set up from home. Visit UnitedHealthcare to learn more.
I have raised 3 boys-2 of them are my stepsons I have raised since they were 5 and 12. Our own son is now 8 and never with myself or any boy have I experienced an ear infection. So, last year when my son woke me up hysterical holding his head saying his ears are on fire and asked how to make it stop I figured it was an ear infection, but he has never had one and neither have the other two boys when they were younger so am I guessing? It was 2am. I have him Advil and warm washcloths and had him lay with me and he struggled in pain all night. I was glued to Google on my phone to find comfort and make sure his symptoms couldn’t be anything else I was overlooking. The morning came and we were at the walk-in clinic at 8am sharp when doors opened. We then got the right medication and relief it was just an ear infection and he had a sinus infection to boot!
I would have loved to know about virtual visits then. I would have slept with some peace of mind and perhaps he would have slept easier after some recommendations on safe ear pain relief. If you are wondering how much a virtual visit costs or if it is covered and perhaps even wonder what a virtual visit is then I have some Q&A below to help you understand.
**Answers provided by UnitedHealthcare. Please check with your own provider plan before any visit
1. Are Virtual Visits covered under my health plan?
  • Yes, when you use one of the provider groups in our virtual visit network, you have benefit coverage for certain nonemergency medical conditions like the flu, colds, pink eye, rashes and fevers. Check your plan documents for more information about your plan’s specific virtual visit benefit.
2. What conditions are commonly treated with a virtual visit?
  • Bladder Infections/UTI, Bronchitis, Colf/Flu, Diarrhea, Fever, Migraines/Headaches, Pink Eye, Rases, Sinus Problems, Sore Throat, Stomach Ache and more
3. I need a virtual visit- where do I start?
  • Log in to® and choose from provider sites where you can register for a virtual visit. After registering and requesting a visit you will pay your portion of the service costs according to your medical plan, and then you will enter a virtual waiting room. During your visit you will be able to talk to a doctor about your health concerns, symptoms and treatment options.
4. When are good and bad times to use virtual visit?
  • Using virtual Visits are good when it is after office hours, you are traveling, you are considering a visit to the ER for a non-emergency problem. Skipping virtual visits and heading to the ER is your best option when it is anything that would require an exam or imaging, complex or chronic conditions and injuries requiring bandaging/splinting
5. Once I get online with a virtual visit, what happens next/during the virtual exam?
  • The first time you use a virtual visit provider you will need to set up an account with that virtual visit provider group. You will need to complete the patient registration process to gather medical history, pharmacy preference, primary care physician contact information and insurance information. Each time you have a virtual visit, you will be asked some brief medical questions, including questions about your current medical concern. If appropriate, you will then be connected using secure live audio and video technology to a doctor licensed to deliver care in the state that you are in at the time of your visit. You and the doctor will discuss your medical issue, and if appropriate, the doctor may write a prescription for you. * Prescription services may not be available in all states.
6. Are other online/virtual services like counseling or lactation specialists covered in my plan?
  • Not at this time. While you can choose to receive these additional services from the virtual visit provider, the services will not be covered under your virtual visit benefit and you will be responsible for the full cost. The costs for these services will not count toward your deductible (if applicable) or out-of-pocket maximum.
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I hope this starts you on a path to feeling more comfortable in deciding to do a virtual visit shall the occasion arise. Now to celebrate such great options we have access to with our healthcare how about a giveaway?
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