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Understanding Your Health Coverage Costs – $100 Amazon Giveaway

This is a sponsored post on behalf of UnitedHealthcare. All opinions remain my own

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You would think that the conversation about understanding your health coverage costs would be too heavy of a conversation. Where do you start to wrap your brain around costs within health care plans? Honestly, most plans are set up to make this as easy as possible for you. It takes the guesswork out of the resulting costs of care because you have other things to focus on.

My brother has 3 boys and when the oldest was a toddler he began having seizures. After many Dr and hospital visits turns out it was a pain response with him. He would get tummy aches and seize. The good news is he will grow out of it and he did. He is 10 and hasn’t had a seizure since preschool. However, my brother and SIL were very young and it broke my heart when 3 years later they filed bankruptcy just to get out of the mounting bills. They had an expensive ambulance bill, testings, blood work and many visits and overnight stays. They weren’t prepared and when you’re young and unexperienced you don’t know where to find solutions and avenues. It is important to not only be covered but to have a plan and know, in advance, all of the resources available in the moment of unexpected medical emergencies.


You really need to focus on 3 things when it comes to saving money, in other words, spending as little as possible for services. First, you need to know your health plans network. These are approved Doctors, Hospitals, Clinics, Labs, Services and Specialties that you can use to spend less. If you choose to see or visit one outside of your plans network you will pay more. Second, you need to know if your plan allows you to see whomever and whenever or do you need referrals to see a specialist or have a procedure done? If you require referrals you need to communicate with your primary doctor on when that referral is approved so you are clear and covered to make that appointment. Your Doctor’s office is set up to alert you if you need a referral but make sure you are aware-better to be safe than sorry. Third, know alternative options to an office visit. Dr. office copays can be an unexpected out of pocket cost and in some plans a visit to an urgent care or ER costs even more. Does your health plan offer a nurse or health line? If so, they tend to be free to use and you can get minor questions answered and even get medications sent top a Pharmacy in some cases. This will save you a trip into a Dr. office as well as that copay.

UnitedHealthcare and myself really want to help you understand the costs associated with your health plan. Just head to the UnitedHealthcare Managing Health Care Costs Page and take a short learning quiz AND play a short matching game AND watch a short video to be entered to win several prizes. It is very quick and easy.

How to enter to win all prizes:

1. UnitedHealthcare has 3 engagements for March: Each engagement offers a $100 weekly prize winner and a $500 monthly winner. Lots of chances to win and it only takes seconds! You can enter each engagement daily.

  • Cost Quiz 123: Answer 3 quick quiz questions to see what you know
  • Look and Learn: Watch a short video (same as the one above) & submit
  • Perfect Match: Play a fun 8 card matching game

2. Parenting Healthy (that’s me) is offering a $100 Amazon gift card prize. To enter you just need to complete the 3 engagements above PLUS use the promo code: ParentingHealthy on the submit page where it asks you for a code. Plus I will have other entries including daily entries. ENTER ON WIDGET BELOW for my giveaway. Enter daily.


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