Two Products That Prevent Electrical Shock and Fire

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If you have started or even finished some of your spring cleaning, did you remember to make any safety changes to your home? I have to admit that the thought had not crossed my mind either until I read that 10 children a day are in the hospital with electric shock accidents. Electrical shock is a preventable injury for the most part. Have you ever been in a children’s or family store and not see outlet covers or a sort of electrical protection product? I actually popped into a gas station so my son could get an icee and I was mindlessly browsing the aisle as I walked down and remember seeing a package of electrical covers-at a gas station! This is because there is a need to provide a safe home for our family.


When you think of electrical accidents, the first thing that probably pops into your mind is electrocution around cords and outlets and fires from appliances. There are 2 products you can get right now to eliminate the damage to your home and family from electrical accidents or fires. The Sooner TreeSafe ornament and the Cord Dome from Twist and Seal.


Cord Dome
Chances are whether you farm, do construction, have outdoor Christmas light displays each year, run carnivals and fairs or even just do a lot of home yard work you have cords running from your home into power strips or connectors. We all know what happens to the connections when in use if they hit water-rain, puddles, snow, ice. Sometimes work can’t wait for dry days and you need a way to elevate the adapters and power strips away from wetness and cover them from exposure. The Cord Dome from Twist and Seal will allow you to keep multiple cord connections dry no matter the shape and standard sizes of power strips. It comes with ground spikes to secure the dome in place so not to be dragged into a wet area. It is made with a heavy duty commercial grade plastic that is UV resistant. Twist and Seal also has has smaller cord protectors for trees, construction and garden. 


Twist and Seal also has other outlet covers-big and small and for indoor or outdoor use.

Sooner TreeSafe
When it comes to a type of fire alarm, the name Sooner couldn’t be a more perfect fit. This is because we need to be alerted as soon as possible to a fire. You already know that your home fire or smoke detector is not supposed to be placed in an area near direct flame; or it melts before it can go off. The problem is it takes a room full of smoke to set it off and many times that can be too late. 
When it comes to the yearly Christmas tree, do you have it in an area that is near an entrance or exit? Many times we have these in common areas of the home or near the front windows and if that tree were on fire does that cause an issue for using that nearby exit? In my home our tree is within 10 feet of our front door which is also near our stairs. Being upstairs sleeping and not being notified ASAP could block our major home exit for us leaving no other option but to exit 2nd story windows. You may have a similar story.



The Sooner TreeSafe has an ‘ornament’ that would send an alert at the very first sign of smoke to the remote outlet alarm. Simply hang the ornament on your tree and plug the decorative alarm into any outlet within your home. It is wireless and makes your tree worry free. Sooner also has standard alarms you can use to connect appliances to a similar alarm for a sooner fire detection alert.
It takes very little time and an updated safety product like these 2 products above to bring you the peace of mind that can save your life.


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