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Two games that get kids moving from Endless Games

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My son is 7 and at the age where he loves playing new board games. He is entering the age of sleepovers and being able to read the instructions for new games on his own and I love that he is interested in playing so often especially when these games get him up and moving such as these two games form Endless Games.
Sleepover Party Game

When the evening hits and you have a house of kids or even one child who is sleeping over it can be hard to try and get them settled down for the night They are excited to be with each other and you need them to settle down so you can get your own sleep. Pulling out a game followed by a fun and new movie is the perfect combination to wind them down. The Sleepover Party Game offers 200 different stunts, performances and activities. The card you are dealt as you spin for an action on the spin board will have them active, but in a controlled way in their spot they are sitting. Cards like making funny sounds or pretend you have brain freeze. It is hilarious to watch these actions play out and such a blast for the kids!
Ages 7+, 2-4 players and retails about $20
Crazy Legs

My son loves playing this game and I love that it includes active fun with silly yoga poses and exercises built into this board game. First to the finish line wins. Some actions require the player to play out and some require all the players together. With tasks like doing the warrior pose or all players doing the wave or a crazy dance for 10 seconds. The kids have a constant giggle and laugh the entire game. I love playing too!
Ages 4+, 2-4 players and retails about $16
Visit EndlessGames.com to see all of their fun games and many will get the kids up and moving! At my son’s age and him attending a lot of birthday parties in the year with friends, I have found that when we gift fun board games like these that they are such a hit!
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