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Two Fathers Day Gift Ideas Dad Will Love from Oregon Scientific

This is a promotional post for Oregon Scientific. Opinions are my own

Father’s Day Gift Guide Feature
The most difficult person to shop for on my gift lists no matter the celebration is my Dad and Husband. They both work the same-if they want something they just buy it themselves. Typically my husband will put some truck or car items in my Amazon cart and tell me I can check it out as gifts-not at all exciting! I think it is so hard to ask them what they want simply because they don’t shop products like I do and know the options out there for them. I have always loved the quality products through Oregon Scientific and now there are two great products that Dad (or any man in your life) will love!
This is the ultimate BBQ thermometer. All Dad has to do is grab the app for this product and download it (for free). He will pair his Grill Right Bluetooth BBQ thermometer with it and he is ready to cook some food on the grill! He will tell the app what he is cooking-hamburger, steak, chicken breast, etc.. and he will be set at the right ‘doneness’. Once the safe temperature is reached, he will be notified. It shows in a progress bar so he knows when cooking time has a ways to go or is near. Dad can throw steaks on, grab a beer and chat and not worry about his food until his device tells him to! 
Now I was excited for this as we travel a lot and we can take this in our Toy Hauler as we go on ATV trips and have accurate weather. I knew my husband would love this, but what I didn’t know is how intrigued my 6 year old would be! It arrived in perfect time as it was the week they started learning about weather in his class. I have set up the thermometer unit outside and it reads to the weather station unit inside. My son will grab the station and stare at it-looking at the weather and asking what a barometer is, etc.. This fun gadget that will guide us camping this summer has become a learning tool as well! The app you download to receive the weather from your device is easy to install. You can know your at-home weather wherever you go.

I cannot think of any Man (or even woman) who would not love to own these. Oregon Scientific has many gift ideas, visit http://www.oregonscientific.com/us/ to see them all!
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