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Two Bros Bows Child-Safe Bow & Arrow Sets

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Bow and Arrow Brothers

My son is 8 and for Christmas all he really wants is electronics and games. This works great as the winter is cold and wet here and he can stay occupied indoors, but that’s not to say he wouldn’t still get outside if he had some fun independent play options. So when Two Bros Bows sent him a bow and arrow set, outside was the first place he headed.

Even on a cold or very wet day, these arrows are soft enough against the bedroom wall. I hung up his target that comes in the set and he aimed away with no harm to the painted walls. This is great as he is not familiar at handling a bow so having the soft tips is a safer practice for him and my walls.

Kid-safe bow & arrow sets from Two Bros Bows provide hours of safe and creative fun. The company was started by 10-year-old and 7-year-old siblings Duncan and Hayden Purves. Hand assembled and third-party tested for safety, each bow comes with one arrow. These colorful bows are great for parties and holidays. Soft, foam-tipped arrows are covered in 100% cotton fabric. Two Bros Bows has colorful combo sets to get you started on your outdoor adventure. The set features one bow, three matching arrows, one bullseye and one quiver bag in numerous color schemes and patterns to satisfy any taste, including Dragon Archery, Orange Tie-Dye, Pink Camo and more. These bows and bags are proudly made in the USA.

bow and arrow set

This is such a fantastic gift and they are very well priced so take advantage of these for the holidays. Visit the shop for more styles and options.


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