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Turn your juice into slush with Slush & Shake Maker

This is a product review for Zoku products

Turn your drinks into slush and shakes

So easy, your kids can make one! This Slush & Shake Maker from Zoku is a fun way to get your family to enjoy the healthier drinks in your home. In fact, the product works best when you use natural drinks free of artificial sweeteners that may inhibit the freezing. There are 3 steps from start to finish and my son is enjoying his slushie right now as I type this. It was so easy!

The entire process took less than 7 minutes and there is very little clean up. Much less then if I had to whip out my blender! You are not limited to juice slushies. You can make some alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks and even add chocolate milk or coffee for a shake! There are so many creative ideas you can come up with using your Slush & Shake Maker.

The Zoku Slush & Shake maker retails for about $19.99 or less and comes in 5 juicy colors! You can purchase at the Zoku online store or find them in retailers near you! You will also find other fun Zoku items to use in your home when you visit the store. Makes a great gift and encourages your family to make healthier drink choices.
Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided the above product, however all opinions 1re 100% my own.

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