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Turkey on the Table Teaches Gratification to Kids

Turkey on the Table Teaches Gratification to Kids

With the business of the Holidays the kids often find ways to demand some of your attention. Thanksgiving comes first and they sense that Christmas is near. We fill our calendars and homes and as we near that first dinner of the Holiday season we need to find a task for the kids. Give them the task of creating the Thanksgiving centerpiece. With Turkey on the Table their creation will be a hit! It will also make them feel special at dinner with friends and family gathered around raving at their Turkey loaded with words of gratification. I was sent this product to share with you!

Firs step is ordering your Turkey on the Table kit. It comes with everything you need to make that special table piece. You get the book with some details on how your Turkey works. You get the Turkey, pen and feathers. While you receive your order you also get the gratification that with your order you fed 10 meals to hungry families through Feeding America®.

Start with the book. Gather the kids-young and old. Adults can join in too. Once you read the book everyone will be in complete understanding on how this works. It is easy. Everyday. the kids can pick a good time of day and help remind everyone, you write something you are thankful for on a feather. Place that feather in your turkey-you can write on the front and back. Start on November 1 and by Thanksgiving he will be full.

Imagine your friends and family gathering around the table wanting to read all of your kids and families gratification notes. It will be fun to save and label with the date for future memories. You can order refill feathers for the next year as well and start over in 2019 and so on. Make Turkey on the Table a new Thanksgiving tradition! Also available on Amazon.

Comment: I was sent a Turkey on the Table so that my feature can be authentic and my own original thoughts for you. I am a member of Amazon Associates and any Amazon links I may be compensated on at no cost to you ONLY if you click then buy. 

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