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TSP Kitchen gifts that will fit any budget

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Whether you are a novice cook or just a parent trying to stay on top of 3 meals a day for the family, it always feels good to receive and use new kitchen products. Of the many gadgets and products we use in our homes, kitchen utensils are probably used more than any other. We never really want to spend that money on a new measuring cup when ours is just fine but when we do end up with a new one it is always a good feeling to start a meal with fresh, new products. It is one of the few things that inspires me to be in the kitchen-loving my gadgets!
TSP has functional kitchen products in pastel colors you will love! Adding color to the kitchen is always a good thing and TSP will do just that.
TSP Gifts under $10

 24 Count Baking Cups
Cookie Cutter 3-pack Round or Monogram
Cookie Dough Scoops
Cookie Spatula
Cookie Stamp
Disposable Pastry Bags
Cookie Spatula
Expandable Pastry Brush
Icing Combs Set
Measuring Spoons
Mini Sifter
Rolling Pin

TSP Gifts under $20
Ceramic Cookie Sheet
Ceramic Measuring Cups
Cut to Fit Baking Mat
Decorating Nozzles
Non Slip Mixing Bowl

TSP is a line of Architect Products that will help transform your kitchen by adding these fun pastels with quality gadgets and baking needs. Makes for great gift baskets for any family or Foodie.
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