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Try on glasses at home & win FREE Sunglasses for life at DITTO

This is a promotional post for Ditto on behalf of Moms Affiliate

Win FREE Sunglasses for life!

Whether you wear prescription glasses or just love having new sunglasses, DITTO has more than designer choices at great prices, they have an experience that you can’t get from a retail shop. We are busy and many of us are parents and to stop into an eyewear store and try on glasses only to begin to feel overwhelmed and cannot choose all while the kids scream at your side is going to leave you making an irrational decision about a fashion item that sits front and center on your face! We slack on ourselves enough, giving more to the family than too ourselves, and if there is one piece of fashion we deserve to look good in I would say the glasses are a must! I wear contacts, but always keep back up glasses and I love having a quality pair of sunglasses available. DITTO allows you to try on glasses from the comfort of your home! 
It is free and so quick to start your DITTO! Try it-it is a lot of fun!
Here are the easy steps to creating your DITTO and start trying on glasses at home!
  1. Head to
  2. Click on My Personal Shop
  3. Tell DITTO your name and have fun answering questions so they can help find your style personality
  4. Create a DITTO by clicking “allow” when prompted so that your webcam will assist in creating a personal face shot. 
  5. Follow the camera instructions to take a face shot-hold still 3 seconds and that’s it!

As you browse the designer prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses or sunglasses, you can click on a pair you like and will will put them on your ‘virtual’ face. It is like looking in a live mirror as you wear those glasses. Move the arrows to turn your face shot and see them on your face at all angles. The only difference between standing at a mirror in an eyewear store and browsing with DITTO is less whining from the kids at your side and it is on your time!

Win FREE Sunglasses for life!

This is one of the most fun giveaways you will enter! All you have to do is the steps above to create your DITTO and try on a few pairs. It is 100% free and jut some fun browsing for you. That’s it!
Learn more and start trying on glasses at

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