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Try ACUVUE OASYS and give your eyes the UV protection it needs

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This is a product review for ACUVUE OASYS

ACUVUE OASYS-the highest level of UV protection in a contact lens

As summer approaches and you hit the sun and sand, do you consider the level of protection your contact lens provides you? To be honest, I never did either. We spend many summer days in the sun-glaring dunes. We all have eye protection, but only while we ride. Once back at the trailer for a break, the goggles come off to get cleaned and many times they stay off. 

ACUVUE OASYS is the only brand of contact lenses I have used since I began wearing them 2 years ago. Before, I used to struggle with dry eyes and I was told about the ACUVUE OASYS from my Ophthalmologist and was encouraged to give it a try. To learn that they also offer the best UV protection is a bonus to the hydration they promote for my eyes.

  • Hydraclear Plus technology provides smoothness and more wettability
  • Blocks at least 90% UV-A rays and 99% UV-B rays
  • FDA-approved for overnight wear (up to one week)
  • Foe those who are nearsighted, farsighted or with astigmatism
  • Free trial pairs available with their online rebate
ACUVUE offers contacts of all types for sight problems of most types and you can find the OASYS as well as other ACUVUE contact lens types AND try a pair free by visiting

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