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Trending Tuesdays: Talk to Your Teens About Texting & Driving. Popular & Clever Ads

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The message these days is all about the dangers of driving while distracted/ texting and driving. I have a 15 year old who starts Driver’s Ed soon and in his class he will be watching a AAA  video made for these classes where he will ear real stories from real teens who have lost loved ones due to texting & driving! As the school season starts and the kids hit the roads at the same time to and from school, I wanted to just use this Trending Tuesday post to simply bring you clever and heartfelt ads about the topic! Share them, read them and discuss them with your teens or to those you know!

  • 5 seconds is the average time you are taking your eyes off the road to text!
  • Odds raise to 23% more likely to wreck while texting & driving
  • Under 20 is the age group most responsible for distracted driving
  • 60% of Drivers admit to using cells while driving

“You either see the Letter …or the Girl”
“I’ll be there in a w(hile/wheelchair)” Texting & Driving

…and possibly the most startling video from Brian Williams

The message…if your child survives their Texting & Driving Accident, they may not survive the system! So let them know that Texting or Driving can only lead to 2 things when they wreck: 
Death or Jail! 
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4 thoughts on “Trending Tuesdays: Talk to Your Teens About Texting & Driving. Popular & Clever Ads”

  1. My kids don't have cell phones, actually neither do we. We do have a pay as you go cell that we will buy a month for if we need it when traveling, otherwise, we don't really do cells. However, this is a serious issue that definitely needs to be addressed when a teen has a cell and drives! Safety first for sure, great ideas

  2. This is something that is very serious. It only takes a second to lose control of your car. And amazingly it happens so easily. I was completely amazed when hubby and I tested texting and driving one day. You would think you would go straight down the road but boy was I way wrong. Good thing he was there to steer for me. It really only takes a second. I was shocked. thanks for helping to spread the word.

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